Subscriber Technologies

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  • Cloud-Based Customer Management
  • Adaptable to any business with reoccurring monthly billing
  • Your data is secure with multiple layers of security  protocols
  • Automated Backups ensure your data is always accessible
  • Custom Reporting
  • Interfaces with major Cable providers such as: HITS, NAS-RAC, ZCORUM just to name a few!
  • Custom Interfaces allow you to set up a business model to fit your specific needs
  • Keep track of your inventory with our easy to use tools
  • Schedule and dispatch your technicians ​

Provisioning and Inventory Control made simple

VIaDuct is specifically designed to provision equipment for the cable TV and Broadband industry.  It is cloud-based and adaptable to your application. It allows changes to be made as needed, in the field or in the office.  We will be there for you.

ViaDuct is a perfect fit for companies that already have a Customer Management and Billing system that they love, but do not have a way to address equipment and hardware.  Now you can keep what's already working and leave the provisioning to us.