Subscriber Technologies

Step Two

Go to SubscriberNet and 
select the desired customer account.
Then select the documents option

from the menu on the left.

No more sifting through papers, searching through endless files on your computer, put the information where it goes...with the customer's account.  Now any customer service representative can help any customer.  It doesn't matter if they're someone new, from another department covering for vacations, they can all have access to the necessary information to help the customer with no delay.  Sometimes now is a beautiful word.

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It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Step One

Upload a document onto your

computer.  It can be anything!  Driver's License, Contract, Signed Work order,

or even a returned check.

We have all heard of that mythical wonder "the paperless office."  Now while an office completely void of paper products might be impossible, we can assist you on your way to a paper-less office.  

DocuNet is designed to seamlessly integrate with SubscriberNet and put your customer documentation right where you want it.  

With DocuNet you can attach any document type directly to the customer's account and access it at any time.

Right place, right time, no papers to be shuffled.
That's convenience.

Lose the mess...keep the information

Step Three

The only thing left is to click browse,

select the document you need, add

your description and upload!  
Voila, Success!


DocuNet is here to help!