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SubscriberNet is the premium billing and management system by Subscriber Technologies. Its Cloud-Based structure makes it one of the most accessible and easy to use systems available. It works well for subscriber based businesses such as Cable TV, Internet (ISP), utility services and more.


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Too much paper?  Can't find important documents when you need them?  Lose the paper and have the information that you need at your fingertips!  

You can scan your documents, attach them to the account and find them with ease.  

Your customers will be pleased with the accuracy and shorter holds while they wait for information.  

​Your customer service reps will thank you for empowering them to do their jobs better!  All that's left is the shredding!

Viaduct is a cloud-based equipment provisioning and inventory control system. 

Viaduct was specifically designed to provision equipment for the Cable TV and Broadband industry. It fits perfectly in companies that already have a management and billing system, but do not have a way to address equipment and hardware. Viaduct is completely cloud-based making it an extremely adaptable system. Your technicians and representatives may now add information in the field, as well as the office. 

TV Everywhere

Take your TV service with you.  Use a computer, your tablet or an app on your smart phone. Watch at the gym, on a train commute, even at work...we won't tell!  We upload your files, the customer registers and tada!
​TV watching mobility.



Do your techs have all the tools for their jobs?  We have a way to have faster, paperless and more accurate way to make it ALL happen.  Planning your day can be a snap!  Changing everything mid-stream?  No problem!  Our WorkOrder board takes away all the guesswork.  
The dispatcher assigns a job and it can immediately update on the tech's tablet.  Directions, special requests...all there to read in a simple format.  The tech can update when they arrive, any problems they find and the actions they take.  
​With the new WorkOrder board, when the customer calls, you're ready with answers! ​​

Web Based

With the Customer Portal, customers can make payments, update basic account information, (e-mail address, telephone number, and even their pin number) look at account history and balances, and order pay per view whenever they want.

Customer Self Care Portals

Voice Based

Pay per View by phone!  Simplicity that anyone can use.  The system will recognize them by telephone number, and walk them through the ordering process.